SCh NCh FinCh IntCh NordJW-03 SW-04 SW-06 SW-07 NW-07 SW-08 Bumir Quelle Beaute. Also Best In Show Club Show Sweden 2007 and Best Bitch same show 2006 and 2008. Amongst other Best In Show at World Dog Show Circuit 2008.

Bumir Favourite Girl. Several CCs and the only bitch that beat Bumir Quelle Beaute in 2007. Also Best Bitch at Club Show Norway 2007.

NordCh IntCh WW-96 FinW-96 BS-96 SW-00 VWW-08 Bumir Boule De Neige. Also Best Bitch at Club Shows.

Kennel BUMIR
Sonja Bj÷rklund, Sweden

1. When did you start with L÷wchen: I started 1990.

2. Do or did you have any other breed: I breed American Cockerspaniel before. I also had Kerry Blue Terrier and Borzoi.

3. Why L÷wchen: I was looking for a healthy breed in a nice size and with an outgoing temperament. I found it all in L÷wchen!

4. Why did you start breeding: I started to breed like most do, I think, because I had a nice bitch. And I always wanted to do more in everything I do. To just own a dog was not enough. The AMC was my "education "breed. It was not my choice, the breed came to me through my boyfriend at that time. I loved the breed but not like l÷wchen. L÷wchen was my choice after several years of looking around. I just love them and cant stop doing all I can for the breed. That includes trying to do my bit for the future - by breeding.

5. Are you active in any other dogsport: I have been competing and judging agility but I dont have the time for that right now. I am also a breedjudge.

6. Say something of the dogs you had: My first bitch in the breed was so nice looking. She won all from best in show puppy at her first speciality to best veteran at Crufts. Her name was multich Mias Pretty Primrose Bumir. My first import from UK learned me a lot about the breed mentality. I competed a lot with him in agility and we had so much fun. His name was Multich Hanovarian Sinner. I found one of my foundation bitches when I judged the finnish club show 1995. Her name was Chic Choix Denise Larousse. With careful breeding she gave me so much to work further with!My goal from the beginning was to have a wide base to stand on. Due to AMC I know what it is like when you get a disease in a line. To be able to keep on the work it is important to have more than one foundation bitch and keep the genepool as wide as you can without loosing the type.

7. Say something about your dogs of today: My most winning bitch the last years is very special! In both type and mentality she is so much what I want to have! Her name is Multich Bumir Quelle Beaute. Her father also been amasing to show and have. His name is Multich Bumir Enhanter Tous. He also been the best stud dog you can have. Both have been, amongst all, best in show several times. I also have some younger ones coming, naming few of them Bumir Joy Of Life, Bumir Isnt She Lovely and Bumir Favourite Girl. First one son of B Quelle Beaute and second one my two last imports from UK is behind. Third one is third generation solid black that I hope to mate 2009. Best head I ever had I got on Ch Bumir Ici. He inheritated it nice to his progencies. I also have my first brown in the kennel. It will be so interesting to work with her because brown is total new for me. Her name is Amch DeSusas City Kitty. Feels like a new breed when getting into a new color!

8. What are your goals in breeding: To breed healthy typey l÷wchens. One part is not more important than the other! We need to keep health to make the breed survive into the future and of course a true l÷wchen is a true l÷wchen!

9. How do you plan a litter: I look at pedigrees and parents. What they have and what they need. What is most important for me to develop in this generation? How do I keep all the points I like? And last but very important - my intuition. I really have to feel for the mating!

10. What is the strong points in the breed: Healthy. No extreme details that can get the breed into problems. Quite easy coat to take care of. Happy outgoing mentality. Love people!

11. What is the weak points in the breed: Small genepool. The breeders have to be careful. Easy to forget everything else than to have a supercoat and "flashy" dog for winning... You can get it all but it takes more time.

12. What is most important with a very good individual of the breed: Type! In all. Both in body and caracter.  You should be able to see that it is a l÷wchen from a long distance!

13. Name some: In sweden I will never forget Ch Irish Mist Fire And Ice in the 90's. Such a beautiful bitch. In UK Ch Balatina Bonllwmn Bwgi is another one. In Finland Ch Chic Choix Brigitte Lifar. I can name several but this 3 is what pop up right now.

14. What are your advice to someone that want to start with the breed: Do look around first. Visit different breeders. Ask questions and touch dogs. Get as much experience with the breed as you can so you know what you want to work with. Then look for dogs - to buy and to use. But do it as you want it. In the end it is you that stands as the breeder of your work, no one else. You have to listen and to learn but then put it together in your own mind





NordCh IntCh NordV-00 NW-00 SW-01 SW-02 SW-03 NordW-03 Bumir Enchanter Tous. Amongst other wins Best In Show Club Championship Show in UK, Best In Show Club Show Norway twice.

SCh Bumir Destiny. Other winning is Best Dog at swedish club show 2007.

SCh NCh Bumir Ici. Other winnings are Best Dog both in norway and sweden at Club Shows.

NordCh IntCh NW-04 Bumir Kyrielle. Top Winning L÷wchen in Norway.